‘How to Be Polite’

Paul Ford, writing for The Message, part of Medium:

She was surprised to see the stubborn power of politeness over time. Over time. That’s the thing. Mostly we talk about politeness in the moment. Please, thank you, no go ahead, I like your hat, cool shoes, you look nice today, please take my seat, sir, ma’am, etc. All good, but fleeting.

Enough to make me want to be polite!

‘Where We Came From, State by State’

I love these visualizations but I can’t say this is really my favorite. I’d love something a little more geographical?

Gregor Aisch, Robert Gebeloff, and Kevin Quealy, writing for Upshot in the NYT:

The patterns of migration continue to change. California, shown above, has long been the destination of American dreamers from other states. It no longer plays that role; residents are leaving for greener pastures out East. Today, the state is still pulling in foreign immigrants, but the percentage of American-born transplants has shrunk significantly as more people leave the state. There are now about 6.8 million California natives living elsewhere, up from 2.7 million in 1980.