‘The Last European: Romanian Driver Navigates the Soul of the EU’

Juan Moreno, writing for Spiegel Online:

Talic sits next to her at her kitchen table and is too tired to talk. Tomorrow at eight he goes back to Romania. He says that he just remembered something. To the question, what it’s like to be a Romanian in Europe. He has the answer. Being Romanian in Europe is no nationality at all. Being Romanian is a job.

I hate to end with the conclusion, but…wow.

‘A Scientist Has Created the Perfect Tomato—but Supermarkets Refuse to Sell It’

Mark Schatzker, writing for Slate:

Tomato growers are open to growing better-tasting varieties in principle, but only if they get paid more for it. Supermarkets, on the other hand, insist that shoppers only care about price. And can you blame them? After decades of eating tomatoes that taste like wet paper towels, no one thinks tomatoes are worth much.